2021 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

View the full 2021 Tracker with all individual ballots: 2021 BBHOF Tracker

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  1. Do you have an assessment of how much Bonds and Clemens may have to “over-perform” (more than 75%) by in the public ballots to make up for the non-public ballots?

  2. It’s known fact. You have to get more in public votes, per average, to make up for non public

    • Correct, that’s why I asked the question about assessing how many more public votes may be needed. With the number of years of data in the tracker they may be able to provide some insight into this.

  3. buenas noches sera que omar vizquel y bobby abreu y omar vizquel pasara de 75 por ciento y abreu subirá hasta el 40 por ciento en esta votación delos cronistas

  4. Maddox, glavin both got assisted with umpires calling strikes on outside pitches, bonds, Clemens are both deserving with an asterisk its time

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