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  1. Even before Mariano Rivera got 100% in 2019, I had predicted that Derek Jeter would be the 2nd unanimous electee.
    I finally visited Cooperstown on August 29, 2019.
    I want to be there to witness Jeter’s induction speech.

  2. Larry Walker should already be in the hall…. let’s hope the writers finally noticed how good he really was…. to Canadians, Larry will always be a hall-of-famer.

    • Agreed. He was an amazing, 5 tool player. As a Coloradan, I say he should’ve been a Hall-of-Famer years ago. I hope he’ll get in this year and help erase the Coor’s Field bias (no small feat) for Helton and, eventually..someday, Arenado and possibly Story.

    • Larry Walker is a must vote FOR IMO. Watched him at Coors display his 5 tools and this is just a no-brainer. Tremendous defensive player, speed, with a gun for an arm. Offensively, the Coors Field bias is crap. Everyone says that Coors is homer friendly, but the real advantage is on Texas Leaguer fly balls ‘over the infield’, and a few gap doubles. At best, over a career, a few points in BA, cause it just doesn’t happen that much. Walker has to be included. To not include him in Cooperstown would be a travesty. Did everyone that ever played at the Polo Grounds in New York get disqualified because there it was 257 and 279 down the lines with 455 to center? Talk about an advantage…!!! Really?

      • Yeah, ’cause he made so many playoff appearances. Not the best argument. Look at his numbers. He belongs.

      • What kind of stupid idiotic mentality is this coming from. Using this premise, Frank Crosetti should be in the Hall of Fame. Lots of playoff appearances, crappy player. Let’s vote him in.

      • Should they remove Cobb, Williams, Griffey, McCovey, Yaz, and Banks? Not one championship there. And that’s just a start…

  3. The whole thing is a circus. How can anyone put a steroid user like Sheffield on their ballot and ignore Bonds or Clemens? This whole thing has become a farce and it’s relatively disgusting that the people voting for this are supposed to be knowledgeable sports figures and writers. I don’t care what anyone says Jeff Kent put up Hall of Fame numbers hands down. Especially when compared to Sandberg or Biggio. Go back to the real way of doing things and stop trying to be Hip To The Future.

  4. Scott Rolen is a Hall of Famer for sure. Look at how he stacks up against other third basemen, and it is a no doubt vote.

  5. 100% is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Jeter is clearly a hall of famer but definitely doesn’t come close to the qualifications for 100% if no one named Foxx, Williams, DiMaggio, Ryan, Griffey, on and on didn’t merit such. Scott Rolen’s case is tough. Completely ignoring today’s facetious attempts at knowledge, space station statistics for geometry clubs and people who just want change for the sake of change, he’s pretty well below most sure-fire locks and actually shy of some really lower tier entrants. Great numbers in short spans but none are really “sure thing” mind blowers. And if he’s a hall of famer then Konerko should be a no brainer twice.

    • I thought of Konerko too but I looked deeper into the numbers. Rolen was a far better glove at the hot corner with 8 Gold Gloves and also won a major award (ROY). The only category Konerko has over him is HR.

    • I agree with many of the others you named,but look at the choices NOW. Looking at this years choices and it is obvious that Jeter would be unanimous….THIS does not mean that many of the others you mentioned were not qualified to be voted unanimously,but different times and different perspective……PETE ROSE belongs also…….

      • Problem is the perspectives are skewed by a perceived “power” to control fates. Need a completely different system for this. Applying new useless math equations to a child’s game doesn’t take away guys’ real accomplishments on the field. Just ruining the game some more.

    • Your statement contradicts itself.
      “Jeter is clearly a Hall of Famer” – If someone is clearly a Hall of Famer, then they SHOULD receive 100% of the votes.
      Just because some idiots back in the old days didn’t vote for Babe Ruth or Ted Williams because they didn’t like them personally doesn’t make that a tradition that should continue to be honored.


  7. You can’t put in Harold Baines, Ted Simmons or Alan Trammell and leave out someone with 7 MVP Awards and another with 7 Cy Young Awards. I don’t care what cloud is hovering them, it was a level playing field for the era. Manny Ramirez has a career OPS of almost 1.000 that is absolutely insane.

    • Agree completely. Every era had demons and steroids or not, you still have to be able to play the game in order for it to even remotely help you. If you want to make an argument that fly ball hitters turned into Home Run bombers and nothing more than that then I guess that’s hard to argue but guys who put up legendary numbers all the way around didn’t do it because of steroids.

    • Those 3 players were not put in by the writers. Clemens and Bonds are still eligible on the writers’ ballot and should make it this year or next. Alan Trammell and Ted Simmons deserved much better from the writers years ago and finally nice to see them get the recognition deserved. Baines should only get in with a ticket but c’est la vie.

      Manny Ramirez will never get the votes from the writers because of the failed drug tests.

      • Failed drug tests don’t mean anything in this game anymore. I mean darryl strawberry is a hof’er and look what he has done.

        • Ummm… WHAT?!?!?
          Darryl Strawberry is not, nor has he ever been, a Hall-of-Famer… Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, though… *smh*

  8. Konerko has him in hits homers rbis and missed him by .002 in avg. Not slighting Rolen. Point is they’re so close, how can one be 50% a hall of famer and the other about to fall off the ballot? The system is badly flawed. It worked when journalism was an honorable progression. Now it’s a power trip as evidenced by this exact kind of case. Or voting Sheffield but not Bonds and Clemens? In what warped sense of ill-logic does that even sound right in a knowledgeable fans mind???

      • How is that an easy answer? Sheffield admitting getting steroids in creams and pills from Bonds. Why would you vote for a steroid user with 509 home runs but not one with 762? Or a pitcher with over 350 wins and 4700 Ks who no one has proven a damn thing about?

  9. The 10 names I would vote for are:
    Jeter, Walker, Soriano, Pettitte, Clemens, Bonds, Schilling, Helton, Viquel and Kent.

  10. Not sure how Clemens and Bonds aren’t dead even. Both equally dominant in their respective roles and the only thing keeping them from being 100% on their 1st ballots were the disgusting self-righteous clowns who think they have any qualifications to judge guys who’ve actually played. At this point, if one’s worth the vote then the other easily is. If you voted one and not the other you really need to reassess your delusional image of your ability to rate players and decide the fates of real baseball men.

  11. Longing for the days when the greatest game on earth was a game. Not a math problem to be solved by nerds who couldn’t hut a ball off a tee with a Chevy. 400 HR, 3000 hits/Ks or 300 wins were great benchmarks once and still more than amazing to the true fan. Stop wrecking the game and get back to enjoying the pure beauty of baseball. If the real numbers are there, put him in. Never mind thinking anyone cares about your mindless opinion and trying to dole out punishments for things more than half the game did. Especially Clemens. Put those numbers up against that many roiders??? And no proof he did anything wrong? Wow. Good job voters. Keep destroying the game under pretenses of “saving” it.

        • You’re right. Don’t know why your brilliantly expounded points of view weren’t obvious before hand but they make perfect sense. For over a CENTURY the game was beautiful but it makes much more sense now in the hands of mathematicians and activists worry about stupid things like sign stealing and WAR. WAR? How ridiculous. Have you Millennial Geniuses really convinced yourselves that’s some math problem can tell you how much more value a real human being has over a hypothetical one? Average exit velocity? Yeah okay kid. You can hit the ball a thousand miles an hour but if it goes in somebody’s glove every time then I guess that’s a real valuable statistic. Games are not fun once they’re over thought and you definitely don’t have to be old to know that, just reasonable. Oh, and do your own thinking not follow the crowd, which I guess is a byproduct of “everyone getting a trophy” and being held in check by social media. You just keep walking on the lawn but make sure you have a better argument when the dogs come out. Maybe you can explain to them the value of WHIP and tell them some funny one-liners about getting their baseball back. That usually keeps them from biting

          • Yeah. You also kind of had to see the game when it was awesome to appreciate the beauty of the simplicity. Now it’s much easier to just agree with the status quo and that’s what the current status quo has become about…EASIER. Sad really

  12. Here are your real hall of famers everyone, regardless of today’s nonsensical voting stategies. The steroid era was what it was so the best if it were still the best and when there’s no proof…
    Clemens, Schilling, Bonds, Walker, Konerko, Jeter, Rolen, Sheffield, Ramirez, Kent and Wagner. I know it’s 11 but if the ones who should’ve gone went in when they should’ve, there wouldn’t be this logjam. A great player is a great player, never mind this “gaining momentum” garbage. What has Walker done in the last decade that suddenly he’s more worthy than he was 10 years ago?

  13. Anyone who doesn’t vote for Curt Schilling shouldn’t ever be allowed to watch the World Series again.

    • Grow up dude reason why he isn’t in is because he hasn’t been able to keep his mouth shut so go cry else where

      • Yeah grow up dude. Don’t you realize the hall of fame has nothing to do with enshrining the greatest players in a historical museum where future generations can learn about them long after we’re gone??? The most important part of an accomplished athlete is no longer his skill or proven greatness. It’s how much ass you can kiss on social media and how many regurgitated, shallow commentaries you agree with so you don’t get lambasted for having your own mind and voice. DON’T STAND OUT. JUST FALL INTO LINE AND WASTE YOUR LIFE STANDING FOR AND BEING NOTHING. So ridiculous

  14. I see a lot of comments about the new stats ruining the voting, but how about the crybaby voters like Tim Kirkjian crying about “ballot glut”, now everyone votes for 9-10 people. Anyone that has any sort of math skills and foresight could see that there was no reason to vote for everyone under the sun, and “strategic” vote to keep guys on the ballot. They convinced everyone to vote for 10… keep everyone on…. get everyone in NOW! Now what do we have?

    After record numbers of players elected, it’s going to get very dry again. Let’s assume Jeter and Schilling get in this year (Walker irrelevant to the conversation), then next year there are ZERO new Hall worthy players on the ballot. Does a holdover get in? Maybe no one gets in. The year after that is the year of A-Rod and David Ortiz. I doubt A-Rod is going to get much support. Papi may or may not get the votes depending on if voters think he juiced or not. Last year for Bonds, Clemens if they are still around. Tons of PED guys, maybe none get in as a statement. The year after that the only new guy is Carlos Beltran. He’s worth a Hall conversation, I don’t think he was first ballot good. FINALLY the year after that you get Adrian Beltre, Ichiro, and maybe a healthy Chase Utley debate.

    Anyway, my point is, they were claiming gloom and doom with all the “ballot glut” that worthy players would drop off and guys may never get in. All it did was force too many guys in at once to give them the moment they deserved. And with this crazy “vote for 10 just because I can” idea that got pushed, we’re seeing the numbers way up this year. Sorry, but there aren’t 10 Hall of Famers on that ballot…. especially if you are not a PED voter. I think this may just push more mediocre people in just so that SOMEONE gets elected in these lean years, and voters want to give a trophy vote to every player that was slightly above average.

    • Excuse me to the above, I forgot Ichiro is pushed to 2025 due to playing those games in Japan. So 2024 would be mainly just Adrian Beltre.

  15. If 10 guys are worthy then they should go. Based on who’s in there already and actual meaningful stats (not geometry algebra and calculus) you easily have a dozen guys worthy on that ballot. This “not a first ballot” guy is crap. If a guy’s career was clearly above the majority of his peers and should be remembered in his generation for his accomplishments he’s a hall of famer to me. That would easily exclude short term guys because the total numbers wouldn’t be there in the end. If any of these voters could bat .280 or better, hit 3-400 hrs, drive in a buck a year or steal 400 bases, they wouldn’t be writers. The power is in the wrong hands.

  16. I disagree that a dozen guys from the current ballot are worthy. For me, 5 guys from the ballot deserve to be enshrined: Bonds, Clemens, Jeter, Schilling, and Kent. Scott Rolen and Larry Walker are close but fall just short in my estimation. No one else on the list really deserves strong consideration.

    • Larry Walker was a MUCH better player than Jeff Kent, both statistically AND by the “eye-test,” and it isn’t particularly close. Kent was a borderline ATROCIOUS defensive player, and Walker already crushes him, offensively…

    • Leaving out Ramirez and Sheffield over steroid use is silly. You can take all the steroids you want but you still have to be able to hit in order for it to matter. Obviously you can blast home runs all day if you make contact but I don’t remember Sosa, Canseco or McGwire batting .330 because of steroids. And if we’re going to play ethical games then every coke/ crackhead who ever played should have been banned long ago. Not that his stats would get him there, but I don’t recall any national moral backlash over Steve Howe’s 73 drug suspensions. Strawberry? Gooden? Raines? Hall? Obviously none of these guys ended up with a shot at the hall anyway but they weren’t banned either.

      • Sorry let me amend that. Didn’t mean to put Raines in that line, actually meant to say, why didn’t Raines running around with coke in his uniform and taking it between innings keep him out of the Hall???

  17. Explain to me how Bud Selig gets in but not Bonds and Clemons is beyond me. He was the Commissioner during that time

    • Because, during his tenure as commissioner, baseball’s revenue increased more dramatically than at any other time in history.
      He was a goofball at times, but he did a LOT for baseball during his career and is very worthy of being in the HOF.

  18. If you let Clemens and Bonds and some others, Palmeiro, McGwire and Sosa should be there. Dale Murphy should be there. If he did what others did, he would already be there.

  19. This is the issue. It’s not the Hall of “1% of the purest hearts and most unrealistic talent ever”. It’s the Hall of Fame. It should encompass the greatest parts of each generation. Larry Walker was clearly Head and Shoulders above the majority of players during his time. His career is worth remembering and worth putting on display for future generations to learn about. That’s what should make a Hall of Famer. Should have nothing to do with popularity among the media or moral Decisions by baseball writers about steroids and amphetamines and so on. If it was only going to be the most talented of The Talented you would have about seven guys in there and that would be pretty boring. Who the hell would go pay to see that? And moreover, the whole damn place doesn’t mean much when power struggles are keeping the guy with the most hits ever out of it. Again, it’s a museum who’s sole purpose should be the preservation of each generation’s best. If you look at it that simply there’s no way there aren’t a dozen where the guys on the ballot right in front of you. And yes I agree McGuire and Palmeiro should have been in long ago. Sosa it’s not that easy of a call because outside of a huge pile of homeruns the rest of his numbers relatively stink by comparison to other people in that class of home run hitter. But for the rest of it, let he who has never sinned…

  20. We are 6 days away from the announcement and yet only 3/8th of the votes have been released.
    What the Hell are the voters waiting for? They knew who was on the ballot a year in advance and should’ve all voted before Thanksgiving.
    We fans are suffering!

  21. I support Jeter for the HOF. I don’t support him as a 100% vote getter. If he played for Texas or Philly he would never get 100%. Mariano would have been a unanimous choice where ever he played. Jeter was a very good defensive player and a very good hitter…but not a 100% vote getter on the 1st ballot. He is riding the coat tails of Mariano and a powerful Yankee lineup that surrounded him.

    • He may not have been the best on the field but he was and still is a great guy off the field, and frankly his passion for the game is imo worthy of 100%. Jeter entered the game as the passion was dying and yet he still kept it himself. He learned from some of the best and mentored many of the rising stars now days . Also think about the fact that he also played without tainting the name of the game with the use of peds. Jeter gave 100% to the game so the game giving back 100% to him is really just saying thanks for keeping the game what it really is.

    • Is there any Hall Of Famer who didn’t ride coat tails. Baseball is a team sport, correct? How can a writer explain the decision to not include Jeter in his vote? Put those stats on a Pirate, Red, or Diamondback, and it should still be unanimous. At it’s very basic, baseball is about hitting a ball. Jeter is 6th all time in hits and 1st in Playoff hits with 200. Baseball is about scoring runs. Jeter is 11th all time in runs scored. Baseball is about making defensive outs. Despite all the talk that he has no range, Jeter still won 5 Gold Gloves. That award is indeed a vote but he did play short stop for a team that made the post season 16 times with 7 WS appearances and winning 5 times. What more could one want?

      • 100% correct. I’ve wondered for years how any obvious guy isn’t 100%. Nolan Ryan? Griffey Jr? What miniscule handful of idiots doesn’t vote yes for obvious all-time legends like that? Only the Baseball Writers ASS-ociation of America can screw that up. Guys, no one really believes you have any more knowledge or understanding than the rest of the serious fans out here. You’re just lucky enough to do it for a living. Stop letting it go to your heads, you look ridiculous.

    • What would you say to anyone who said that Jeter isn’t a Hall of Famer? An idiot, right?
      EVERY player who is a no doubt Hall of Famer should get 100% of the votes. Just because some old guys held grudges against certain players doesn’t make that a tradition worth maintaining.

  22. Not that it matters in this screwed up society but Kent easily has better numbers than Rolen. Even averaging out what Rolen “might” have done with the extra 1100 at bats. (300 more hits? Kent still beats him). How is he so painfully ignored? Shows how badly broken the voting system is. Can’t leave it up to a travelling circus of “wish I was” and “could’ve beens” or entire beautiful careers get destroyed by misplaced power of the media.

    • Kent was better offensively, but not by a big enough margin to overcome the HUGE difference in defensive abilities between him and Rolen. Kent was at best an average defender, where Rolen was possibly the best defensive third basemen in history.

      • Kent was also amazing if only for the fact that he got such a late start and still put up those numbers at an age where most guys are slowing down. Not the worst defensively ever but, agreed, not Rolen defensively either. Kind of hard to argue with the offensive output though. Especially compared to other 2-sackers already in the hall. The position argument gets crazy though. If they were catchers they’d have both been in years ago. If they were center fielders they’d probably never get in.

  23. It’s a complete travesty that Schilling isn’t already in. And from the looks of it he won’t get in again.

  24. Not that it is fair but Kent is ignored primarily because he was a late bloomer. After about 4 to 5 years most fans have made up their minds about whether a player belongs in Cooperstown. After that it is hard to convince writers and fans alike that a player who took 5 to 7 years to be productive could possibly have numbers worthy of the Hall of Fame. Kent’s first 5 years were nothing special.Tobe fair 2 of those seasons were shortened by the baseball strike while he was traded mid season during his first and fifth years making his numbers appear even less impressive early.His breakthrough season in 1997 was his 6th season in the majors and his first with the Giants at age 29. That year he drove in 121 but only hit .250. In 1998 he drove in 128 with 31 homers and a ,297 batting average. An excellent season but he still did not make the All Star game or win any awards with the bat or the glove. In 1999 at age 31 Kent made his first All Star game but his numbers dropped to 23 homers 101 RBI & a .290 batting average. At age 32 in his 9th season Jeff Kent finally got some credit for the turn around in his career. He had career highs of 114 runs scored 33 homers, 41 doubles, 90 walks and a .334 batting average. He also had 125 RBI went to his 2nd All Star game won his first Silver Slugger award and narrowly edged team mate Barry Bonds to win an MVP award. Kent went on to drive in 100 runs in 8 seasons.He was selected to 5 All Star games and won the Silver Slugger award 4 times. He holds the record for Homers by 2nd baseman by a good margin and finished with over 1500 RBI and 1300 runs scored. Kent best’s Scott Rolen in about every offensive category and was undoubtedly a far better hitter . Scott Rolen was Rookie of the year in his first full season. He was a 7 time All Star. But Rolen has 1 thing that Kent was not known for. Rolen finished with 8 Gold Gloves at 3rd base. Kent was a natural 3rd baseman who spent most of his career at 2nd base but was neither a standout or an embarrasment there. But looking closer at the numbers it quickly becomes clear that Kent and Rolen are closer than one might think offensively. Rolen’s .5713 bases acquired per plate appearance is about the same as Kent’s .5745. Both produced exactly 173 runs per 162 games played. Catch is Kent does it with 5 fewer plate appearances. That however amounts to splitting hairs. They are close to even offensively with Rolen being far superior with the glove.This would give an edge to Rolen except for 1 thing. Rolen played 3rd and only 3rd while Kent played mostly 2nd base with about 270 games elsewhere. The average Third Sacker hits better than the average 2nd baseman. As a result Kent’s offensive numbers exceed the average player at his position by a much Larger margin then Rolen’s number exceed the average 3rd baseman. Any way you slice it these 2 should have about the same percentage of votes for Cooperstown. Both players should be in the Hall but Kent has a slightly better case than Rolen does. Rolens best shot is with the writers vote. Kent will be elected by a future veterans committee if the writers do not vote him in. Rolen may not impress a veterans committee the same way.

  25. Whether you like Jeter or not, I find it hard to believe that a voter would choose to not pick him on their ballot. I agree that there probably should be 20 or 25 unanimous choices throughout the HOF history. Yet, looking at this year’s group, voters who wants to be taken seriously must all include Jeter. If presented with the statistics but no player name, anyone with a basic to expert knowledge of the game would vote for those stats. 100%.

  26. Let’s put Larry Walker’s mad stats aside for a moment. Just go with the eye test. 1st off, the Howitzer of an arm from right field. He would have double the assists if his arm was not such a deterrent to base runners. 2nd off, the powerful and intelligent base running skills. To see Walker never break stride out of the box was an impressive show of speed, hustle and determination that led to his monster doubles numbers. Lastly, not so much an eye test as an auditory one. At the Big O in Montreal you always knew when it was Walker’s turn in the cage for BP. The crack of the bat just sounded different from all others. It sounded like the Hall Of Fame.

  27. Side note. Larry Walker, Andre Dawson, Vlad Guerrero and Ellis Valentine. I would put those 4 outfield arms with the Montreal Expos up against any organizations top 4 all time outfield arms.

    • Excellent points that only further beg the question, “how the hell was this guy not in years ago?!” More brilliant rhetoric about Coors field I’m sure will follow but first look at his road numbers before making that stupid argument. Also, if all the guys who’s numbers/careers were generationally similar by comparison to Walker’s were removed from the Hall, you be paying a pretty hefty ticket to look at about 50 plaques.

  28. Who’s the assclown that didn’t vote for Jeter?
    I was going to attend Jeter’s induction if he got 100%.
    Instead, I have to go to Yankee Stadium in a Mets jersey or jacket!

    • Someone has to screw it up or we might forget the baseball writers ASS-ociation has all the power. Another year wasted. Then we’ll hear how the ballot has a GLUT again next year after these morons out-witted themselves again. Losers

  29. Let’s just say this.. Barry Bonds was a HOF before he even went to the Giants..Period! Here is the biggest stat that shows you, he was the most feared hitter in Baseball History.. 2004 – 3 years after the Record Breaking Season. He had 373 AB’s and reached base…376 times!! At the same time hitting 45 Dingers. Really.. I can go on an on..688 IBB closest is 300 behind him. Do the math.. he would also would of added to his resume over 3000 hits if he was at 300 IBB.. Haters really need to look in the mirror. He is arguably the greatest Baseball Player to every put on a uniform. Dick head personality or not..Votes are not suppose to be on that.

  30. Well since this current group of “writers” feel the need to protect BBHOF and next year’s ballot looks like a lost cause with the potential future inductee being Carlos Beltran — I propose the writers do something different and select which players to remove from the Hall…still will need the 75% but let’s clean the joint up of all the bad apples and players that didn’t deserved to be elected always (who cares about Eppa Rixey anyways? Remove his plaque and make room for more important stuff – like the trash can banged in the WS with a letter written by Dan Shaughnessy why no Astros will ever see the HOF). Lastly , move up the ceremony date to May 2023 and call it Spring Cleaning Weekend. I am guessing Jackie Robinson and Tom Seaver may be the only players left with a plaque.

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