2023 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

View the full 2023 Tracker with all individual ballots: 2023 BBHOF Tracker

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TRACKERJAX: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Scott Rolen, Álex Rodríguez, Curt Schilling, David Ortiz, Manny Ramírez, Todd Helton, Billy Wagner, Andruw Jones.

Yes, that’s the headline. Because if you’re writing the first-ever Hall of Fame Ballot explainer column hosted on the BBHOF Ballot Tracker, and that guy Ryan Thibodaux is technically your new publisher, then you’re writing about the candidates as you check their names on the BBWAA ballot before signing it and mailing it back. And you’re going to write about a lot of voting trends, because all we care about here are four things really:

1. November 22, 2021, Hall of Fame ballot is officially announced and mailed.

2. December 31, 2021, the deadline for about 400 ballots to be returned.

3. January 25, 2022, when new Hall of Fame President Josh Rawitch announces voting results.

4. July 24, 2022, Hall of Fame Inductions.

That’s it. This column doesn’t care about Management vs. Union, except in the ramifications a possible work stoppage might have for any future Hall of Fame cases. Albert Pujols and Mike Trout are first-ballot no matter what, but what about some perennial All-Star who might slink one spot lower in the all-time JAWS rankings at his position, and maybe wind up on the bubble as someone’s No. 11 like Gary Sheffield is on mine?

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2022 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

View the full 2022 Tracker with all individual ballots: 2022 BBHOF Tracker

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2021 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

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2020 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

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2019 BBHOF Tracker Summary and Leaderboard

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2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker

The 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker can be found at bit.ly/hall19.

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The 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker is Live!

And can always be found at:


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Coming to the Tracker for the 2017 Season

I have a few improvements to the Tracker in mind for the coming year. Have a look at the preview available at bit.ly/hof2017 and let me know what you think.

  • I’ve “hidden” candidates who are expected to receive less than ~10% support in a group (which can be revealed by clicking the “+” above column AH). This frees up screen real estate for candidates expected to receive higher vote totals, and makes data in their columns easier to read.
  • After expanding the hidden group, a summary of ballots with X number of players is available. I’ll likely move this elsewhere later.
  • Rows 9 and 10 detail actual final percent versus the percent a player received on pre-results public ballots, as well as public ballot percent versus private ballot percent from last year.
  • Xs instead of 1s for votes.
  • “Net +/- among returning voters” is now automated instead of manually tallied. Now it’ll be accurate!
  • Anonymous ballots separated out from the true public ones.
  • A landing page (tab) with top line information only: players’ current percentages, number of ballots revealed, and net +/-. See the “Summary” tab for a simple version of the idea.

Other suggestions? Let me know @NotMrTibbs or ryan@bbhoftracker.com.

Update 1/20/16 – additional implementations from reader suggestions:

  • Gained votes and lost votes given individual rows, 20 and 21 (thanks @sarsdell)
  • Added “Projected Net Gain Needed for 75%” at row 23 (thanks @flubs68 and many others).
    • As noted on the sheet, this is based on numerous assumptions: Total ballots cast will be 450 (likely to be updated later this year when more is known), total first-time voters will be 15 and each candidate will receive the same % among them as he received among first-time voters last year, returning # of voters will be 435
    • Formula: 338 votes needed for 75% – ((435 * actual % from 2016) + (15 * % among first-time voters last year)) = # of net gained votes needed this year for 75%
  • Pre-announcement, post-announcement, and anonymous ballots have individual tallies, currently at B29, B33, and B36 (thanks @stabilio1)
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This year at BBHoFTracker: No blogging, but plenty of tracking!

Welcome back to another year of Hall of Fame vote tracking!

I’m not planning on blogging this year, but ballots are streaming in and the Tracker is tracking. Special thanks to co-conspirators Darren Viola (aka Repoz, the OG ballot collector responsible for the renowned HoF Ballot Collecting Gizmo) and Ilychs “The Panamanian Sensation” Morales.

The Tracker can be viewed at bit.ly/hof16

For all the latest, follow me at @NotMrTibbs.

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