Coming to the Tracker for the 2017 Season

I have a few improvements to the Tracker in mind for the coming year. Have a look at the preview available at bit.ly/hof2017 and let me know what you think.

  • I’ve “hidden” candidates who are expected to receive less than ~10% support in a group (which can be revealed by clicking the “+” above column AH). This frees up screen real estate for candidates expected to receive higher vote totals, and makes data in their columns easier to read.
  • After expanding the hidden group, a summary of ballots with X number of players is available. I’ll likely move this elsewhere later.
  • Rows 9 and 10 detail actual final percent versus the percent a player received on pre-results public ballots, as well as public ballot percent versus private ballot percent from last year.
  • Xs instead of 1s for votes.
  • “Net +/- among returning voters” is now automated instead of manually tallied. Now it’ll be accurate!
  • Anonymous ballots separated out from the true public ones.
  • A landing page (tab) with top line information only: players’ current percentages, number of ballots revealed, and net +/-. See the “Summary” tab for a simple version of the idea.

Other suggestions? Let me know @NotMrTibbs or ryan@bbhoftracker.com.

Update 1/20/16 – additional implementations from reader suggestions:

  • Gained votes and lost votes given individual rows, 20 and 21 (thanks @sarsdell)
  • Added “Projected Net Gain Needed for 75%” at row 23 (thanks @flubs68 and many others).
    • As noted on the sheet, this is based on numerous assumptions: Total ballots cast will be 450 (likely to be updated later this year when more is known), total first-time voters will be 15 and each candidate will receive the same % among them as he received among first-time voters last year, returning # of voters will be 435
    • Formula: 338 votes needed for 75% – ((435 * actual % from 2016) + (15 * % among first-time voters last year)) = # of net gained votes needed this year for 75%
  • Pre-announcement, post-announcement, and anonymous ballots have individual tallies, currently at B29, B33, and B36 (thanks @stabilio1)
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  1. For me, the expandable part didn’t seem to expand when I clicked on column AH (is that where I was supposed to click?)

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  3. I think the added info is helpful for the kind of analysis people like to do. But I also really like the idea of a leaderboard with the two most critical parts (% and net gain).

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