2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker

The 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker can be found at bit.ly/hall19.

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  1. Ryan you might never see this, but thanks for all you do on building and maintaining this each year! It’s like following election returns, only with a tiny fraction of the emotional stakes. Good on you for keeping at it.

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  3. I don’t understand how a write can have Clemons on his ballot but not Bonds. I think they both belong in the Hall. Bonds was the greatest player of his generation. He won 7 MVPs and should have won 9. But even if you discount the years when he allegedly took steroids (he never tested positive), he still had over 400 homers, 400 steals, 3 MVPs, should have had 5, 8 Gold Gloves. And would have finished with over 600 homers, 500 steals, 3000 hits. Just put on his plaque that some of his stats are disputed because of alleged PED use. But for goodness sake put him where he belongs in the Hall. Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Joe Morgan, Mike Schmidt and many others all took speed. And had the same PEDs been available, who can say they wouldn’t have taken them.

    • 1. anyone who cannot grasp the huge difference in greenies vs steroids doesn’t being in the convo.
      2. trying to point to Bond’s/Clemen’s pre-steroid usage and discounting the years they cheated is laughable…that’s like saying Bernie Madoff was once an honest banker.
      3. It’s called the “Hall of Fame”, not “The Hall of Infamy”.

      • Making sweeping, all-or-nothing statements like that does not make you a authority, any more than sitting on a toilet makes you a king.

  4. The (inevitable) addition of Bonds and Clemens in the Hall of Fame is a wink and a nod to cheating with long-term effect. Parents of athletes–and athletes themselves–will see this as tacit acknowledgment that cheaters CAN win, and punishments, if any, are the new cost-of-doing-business. Sportswriters abrogating their responsibility to the sport, consciously or not.

  5. Everyone knows it was the home run explosion (aided by those who use steroids) helped SAVE the sport of Baseball after it was nearly killed by the 1994-1995 strike. Baseball needed the fans back and the players responded. The owners had to have known.
    Now that Baseball is healthy again, the so-called purists and moralists want to throw the players who helped save the sport under the bus by keeping them out. Such hypocrites.

    • Shaking my head at your response. So insider trading is okay if it helps the economy, and cheating in any venture is okay if it guarantees success. If they wanted a home run explosion, they could have moved in the fences; not turn a blind eye to cheating, thereby punishing the players who never made it to the bigs because they were blocked by the cheaters. And we’re the hypocrites. (Besides, Bonds, et al didn’t save the sport; Cal Ripken’s streak did, along with other great story lines—the cheaters merely were tolerated–or what’s worse, were imitated by college and high school players.

      • No. Ripken’s passing Gehrig was already planned before the Strike happened. In fact, the Yankees and Orioles had worked with MLB to have the Yanks in Baltimore when Ripken had passed Gehrig. But, the Strike ruined that.
        It was the Sosa/McGwire Home Run race of 1998 that brought the attention of sports fans and baseball fans back after the post-strike years.

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