The 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker is Live!

And can always be found at:


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  1. I’ve been blocked on twitter. I don’t believe I’ve done anything to warrant that and it’s probably an accident. I don’t think I’ve ever tweeted you at all. Please consider unblocking me. I enjoy your work and following your twitter. And I can’t see when Jay Jaffe retweets you either. Thanks, Josh
    My twitter name is JoshTsays.

  2. I’m wondering if there is a co-relation to the slow trickling of votes and vote results. Anecdotally, it appears that as the voting has gone on, people have moved in waves. I specifically was watching Guerrero (and Rodriguez) and he started a little low, rose to 77 or 78% and then fell again. I’m wondering if people didn’t react to the results and say, “he doesn’t need the votes so I will leave him off for now”. At the same time others seemed to ride an opposite wave(Hoffman, Edgar). I’m wondering if next years changes to transparency will affect this, and, I’m wondering if it is actually fair to reveal these this way, especially those released before the deadline for submission.

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